[VIDEO]: Drama ensues after Willy Paul is Caught Drunk Driving

[VIDEO]: Drama ensues after Willy Paul is Caught Drunk Driving

In the hit single Sijafika in which Size 8 Reborn, Gloria Muliro and Kambua features, gospel artiste Willy Paul captures in the chorus how he longs for Jesus in his life.

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Perhaps it is true the Sitolia hit maker actually needs Jesus as friends and foes alike believe there is something missing in the singer’s scandal hit life.

Controversy after controversy has always riddled the singer’s fast rising musical career. Willy Paul’s latest tribulations illustrate that that he literally begs to have his reputation tainted. He has always heaped blame on the media for his woes but no doubt he got no point to prove.

There was drama at TRM after one of Willy Paul’s crew threatened to beat up a cab driver. Apparently, the Vigelegele singer had taken one too many and getting into TRM was a toll order as he could not navigate his car right and ended up taking a wrong turn into the mall.

The cab driver who had parked along the road saw this; he told him that that was the wrong turn. But apparently this was a wrong move for the cab guy because in a split, one of the goons jumped out of Willy Paul’s car .He then moved menacingly towards the cab guy opened the cab door then threatened to beat up.

Luck for the bemused cab driver, Willy Paul salvaged the situation.

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