Two Kenyan homosexuals to sue the goverment for forcibly inserting metallic objects under the guise of conducting anal tests

Two Kenyan Homosexuals to Sue the Government for Forcibly Inserting Metallic Objects Under the Guise of Conducting Anal Tests


Gays especially in the African setting are widely scorned and frowned upon. Efforts by the United States president Barrack Obama to drum up support for the vice in Africa have not augured on well with some senior African statesmen like comrade Bob (Robert Mugabe ) and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni.

Infact Mugabe satirically invited president Obama’s hand in marriage if he was so serious with the gay debate. Well here in Kenya the state has been sued by two gay men for forcibly subjecting them to HIV testing and anal examination to prove their sexual orientation. Through the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, the two sued Chief Magistrate of Kwale Law Courts and DCIO, Msambweni Police Station, under whose direction the testing was done. According to the petition, the victims were allegedly arrested on suspicion of being gay and remanded by police at Msambweni for four days.

“The manner in which the procedures took place was non-consensual, degrading and therefore unconstitutional and a violation of their constitutionally guaranteed rights,” Executive Director Eric Gitari said in a statement.

Gitari wants the court to declare that forced anal examination violates human dignity and has a “disparate impact on sexual minorities”.