REVEALED: Oprah Winfrey finally opens up about her secret son

Revealed: Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Her Secret Son

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most popular and beloved talk show hosts in history, was recently confronted by her alleged secret son following a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert early last month. According to a report from ET Online, when the show ended and she left New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater, she was approached by a man claiming to be her secret son.


In October, Winfrey’s alleged secret son, Calvin Mitchell, presented himself to the National Enquirer as the adopted son of the media mogul. Several media outlets picked up on the story, and it went viral. However, Winfrey vehemently denied that the 35-year-old was her secret son, but she admitted to having a close bond with the man in the past when he was young boy.

According to Daily Entertainment news, Oprah says she and Mitchell met in the early 1990s when she was filming There Are No Children Here, an ABC-TV urban drama that describes the experiences of two brothers growing up in Chicago. Mitchell, who was only 11 at the time, was an extra on the show, which is how the two ended up meeting. Reportedly, one day, the boy slipped past set security, picked a cold beverage out of a cooler, and offered it to Winfrey. She was so touched that she offered the youngster a job as her so-called “personal bodyguard,”

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Despite Oprah’s consistent help, Calvin made a mess of his life making the famous show host to almost give up on him. Now, years later, Calvin recently made an effort to resume his relationship with the host, and she was surprised to see him. Oprah said she didn’t recognize him at first, but when she did, she tried to talk with him.

“As I left, and he was looking so forlorn, he was like, ‘Can I speak to you?’ So I said to somebody on my team, ‘Will somebody get Calvin’s number so I can contact him later?’ I didn’t realize the whole thing was a setup. And then when I found out the whole thing was a setup, I was no longer interested in speaking to him.”

Oprah said she was disappointed at the way Calvin used his story to become famous at her expense, and she asked him why he took the story to the tabloids. Oprah also acknowledged that although she wasn’t hurt by the incident, she views it as a learning experience.