Popular female artiste fights with security after they block her from meeting Ne-Yo

Popular Female Artiste Fights with Security After They Blocked Her from Meeting Neyo

When a celebrated star comes to town, lots of things happen behind the scene. For ladies it is an opportune moment to make a kill. Some of the socialites in town have reaped profits from such ventures by exclusively entertaining the celeb. Well, American RnB singer Neyo was in Kampala Uganda over the weekend and you can imagine all the hype that is created when a person with such stature lands. For Ugandan singer Sheebah Karungi  who is kind of controversial, she was not only excited that Neyo was in town, but also that she was going to meet the soft spoken RnB singer after enjoying his performance.

sheeba 7

But she almost hit a dead end and it could only spell trouble after guards blocked her from meeting the Independent singer. Being the bad girl she is, the “Sili Zari” singer — who had just finished performing — caused a ruckus while teasing the muscle as they wouldn’t let her through, regardless of her status. Sheebah, with her beautiful friends, started to hassle the security guards and of course that didn’t make things any better more cops flocked the scene causing a rumpus, but the singer did not stop as she kept mocking them till they had to listen to her.


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And after all the chaos, the singer managed to meet  Neyo and give him a warm hug for his awesome performance, that she almost missed.

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