PHOTOS+ VIDEO: Syokimau becomes a hot bed of floods after heavy downpour

[Photos + Video]: Syokimau Becomes a Hotbed of Floods

The Kenya Meteorological department was put on the spot by some critics for fueling concerns of El Nino rain which never came to pass. Kenyans waited with bated breath the whole of October for the much speculated rains to no avail. Apparently if the incessant rains that have been pounding Nairobi for the better part of this week are anything to go by, then naysayers may be forced to swallow back their words.

Residents of Syokimau in Nairobi are experiencing a living hell after flood waters encroached their houses. Meanwhile motorists are having a torrid time with some spending up to six hours in traffic jams as evidenced by the

Monday evening rains. Landslides have been experienced in Kopsiro Mt Elgon with mandera and Turkana boring the heaviest brunt of the floods.

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 Here is the Video;