Larry Madowo gets his lost passport replaced in a record 2hrs!

Larry Madowo Gets His Lost Passport Replaced in a Record Two Hours

NTV presenter and news anchor Larry Madowo is one happy man.  The Trend presenter who is in a business trip in London was threatening to end in turmoil after his passport was stolen in the hotel room.  Frustrations made him take to social media and it somehow helped.


Would you believe the vital document was replaced in two hours? Talk of knowing people or is proving how powerful a name can be. Larry who travels a lot literally walked into the Kenyan High Commission in the United Kingdom and in a matter of two hours got himself a new passport.

The NTV presenter again took to social media to laud the new development.

larry passport

I walked into the Kenyan High Commission this morning and got a new one in just under two hours. That my friends is #winning, #Wanderlust #goeverywhere, #doeverything #Larrytakeseurope #Holidaygoeson

Well, if you are a nobody, you may be forced to bribe or worse wait for months.