Larry Madowo depressed after being robbed over 200K worth of Valuables in London

Larry Madowo Depressed after Being Robbed Over 200K Worth of Valuables in the UK

NTV’s news anchor Larry Madowo trip to the United Kingdom was bedeviled by a lot of woes. Besides losing his passport, it is evident the loss of other valuables have emotionally taken a toll on him. The Trend presenter is undeniably a popular personality having had his passport replaced in a record two hours after a break –in in the hotel he was staying.

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Larry Madowo gets his lost passport replaced in a record 2hrs!

Initially we all thought the thief only stole Larry’s passport and a few stuff not worth more than 5k. But now details have emerged indicating the NTV anchor lost a Macbook Pro laptop worth about 270K. Larry says the bag that was stolen from the lobby of the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel last Sunday, contained his passport, Macbook Pro and a number of other small valuables.

What pains more is that the hotel has refused to take responsibility. The Trend host reported the theft to London Metropolitan Police who analyzed the CCTV footage but couldn’t help him since the suspect’s face wasn’t visible enough.

“The hotel refused to take responsibility even after their CCTV camera directly above where the bag was stolen didn’t show a clear picture of the thief. One of my officers has investigated this incident. However, the CCTV footage does not clearly show the person responsible and is of insufficient quality to enable us to identify him.” Larry revealed.