‘Keep off my man!!” Papa Dennis 18 yr old girl warns Kenyan ladies

“Keep Off my Man,” Papa Dennis 18 Year Old Girl warns Kenyan Ladies

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It is called jealously guarding your territory as marauding Team mafisi are capable of doing anything. A story that was widely circurlated in the media  of a young  white girl hanging out with gospel singer Papa Dennis, one whom many had speculated to be his new catch, a Kenyan girl has come out warning: “Girls, to leave Papa Dennis alone.

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18 year old Martha Wajero has come out to defend the Injili singer.

“He is my boyfriend and I am sure the girl who posed with him in that picture is someone he is not interested in. She is either a video vixen or a groupie. I am the real girlfriend,” said Martha.

“I talked to Papa and he assured me all is well and so girls should keep off my man,” she added.

Papa Dennis recently returned from a Dubai trip during which he recorded the video to his new song Ekhuweshina which is expected to be out this week.