Is Lil Wayne broke? Shocking new revelations surface

Is Lil Wayne Broke? Shocking New Revelations Surface

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Dwayne Michael Carter Jnr aka Lil Wayne is a man under siege after authorities seized some of his $30million worth of art from inside his Miami Beach mansion late Tuesday afternoon to satisfy a judgment stating he owes $2million to a private jet company. Just like 50 cents who declared himself bankrupt in a court tussle, Lil Wayne was ordered to pay the $2million. Reports by the TMZ indicate that police had a break order allowing them to storm the home and had a person with them who valued the assets inside so that they could decide which items to seize.

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Footage from the scene showed items being loaded from the home into a large truck.

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The private jet company, which owns Lil Wayne’s Gulfstream II, had sued the 33-year-old rapper after he stopped paying his $55,000-a-month lease.

Responding to the police raid the Lollilop rapper who rarely uses social media took to twitter to bemoan the unfortunate circumstances. It is clear after all he is human. Here is his post.

“I ain’t sh** but my mother, my kids & their mothers are EVERYTHING & dat I know, so on the days? Everything, I use dat as the answer 2 it all.”

But despite the drama, Wayne remains focused on the music. He is gearing up to release his mix tape” No ceilings 2 on Thanksgiving”.