Is Expensive Luo Jared Otieno broke? Here is the truth

Is Expensive Luo Jared Otieno Broke


Relax; do not be swayed by the confusion in names.  Commercial Bank of Africa has issued bankruptcy notice against one Gerald Otieno in a notice in the Daily Nation and not Jared Otieno the rich luo man.

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He is remembered for taking Meru by storm with four choppers and a convoy stretching a kilometer to pay bride price. Note the difference in names as Jared is still filthy rich.

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Well, One Gerald Raphael Otieno Kopiyo is causing lots of confusion since he is the one CBA issued a bankruptcy notice and not Jared Otieno, the millionaire.

jared notice

Apparently Gerald Otieno is a former Kasipul Kabondo MP. The Newspaper notice left people wondering how one can hold such an expensive and sophisticated wedding then end up being declared bankrupt.