INSPIRING: Maureen Kunga share the numerous hardships they underwent to become Elani

Inspiring: Maureen Kunga Shares the Numerous hardships they underwent to Become Elani

Maureen Kunga of the popular Elani band is undeniably one of the most charming and talented singers. Her mellow voice with her striking looks makes her auspicious in the three member band. Elani who are popular with hits like Kookoo, milele and Nikupende have continue to wow, attracting fans both locally and internationally . Besides Maureen Kunga, Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngugi complete the trio.


Speaking during the Coke Studio Africa Show, Maureen candidly revealed how the group has risen against all odds to reach where they are. Their journey started at the Alliance Francaise in 2008. At some point in 2013 they were signed to some label which they thought would help them realize their dream but they were in for a disappointment. The label apparently doubted their talent but somehow they have scrapped through. Their message: Just when you are about to give up… a new door opens so wide for you to walk through

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