“I shot my girlfriend because she has been sleeping with dogs” Police officer tells court

“I Shot My Girlfriend because she has been sleeping with dogs,” Police Officer Tells Court

Remember the Embakasi woman who narrowly escaped death after her jilted boyfriend went berserk and shot at her seven times? Well, according to boyfriend, he was angered by the action of the woman sleeping with dogs.

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Embakasi woman escapes death narrowly after her jilted boyfriend fires shots at her and her kids at their home

David Otieno, 27, was arraigned in court for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend, Francisca Munyiva, 42, on November 1. The suspect was also accused of shooting the complainant’s son in the arm and threatening the house help, Christine Kimanzi and a neighbor.police man                                           Photo courtesy;

Munyiva told police that she has been in a relationship with Otieno since 2011, but added that their relationship was under the rocks. Munyiva told the police that she wanted to end their relationship but the accused refused, saying he was not yet done with her.

She says the accused went to her house and shot her with a G3 rifle. Otieno denied the charges. He will be remanded for two weeks until medical reports of the complainant, who has been amputated reportedly after gunshot injury, are tabled.