Horrific torture chamber with blood splattered on walls uncovered at Daykio Apartments Lavington

Horrific Torture Chambers with Blood Spattered on Walls Uncovered at Daykio Apartments Lavington

Police officers acting on a tip off raided house C7 at Daykio Heights apartments along Ole Dume Road on Saturday night and recovered two M16 assault rifles and a Ceska pistol in Lavington, Nairobi . The house is suspected to be a torture chamber. On Wednesday a caretaker at the apartments said that the house had been rented by a man and a woman in their mid-thirties who were later joined by four other men.

“They looked jovial but never interacted with other people much,” he said

The house which looked abandoned recently, had walls and curtains splattered with blood.

The origin of the assault rifles serial numbers could not be established and they were taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for ballistic examination.

Dagoreti criminal investigation chief Joseph Ondoro on Wednesday said detectives found a lease agreement and forwarded the details to the Registrar of Persons for possible identification of the tenant.