Here is Celebrity photographer, Ben Kiruthi’s special message to Kenyans to who have lost faith in Marriage

Here is Celebrity Photographer, Ben Kiruthi’s Special Message to Kenyans who have lost faith in Marriage

Photographer Ben Kiruthi is a happily married man.  He can revel in how marriage can bring happiness.

Well, Kiruthi and his beautiful wife together with their young daughter Imani are really having a good time if his post on Facebook is anything to go by. The photographer had this to share.

ben Kiruthi
“My two gorgeous angels @gathonikiruthi & @imanikiruthi
Just want to say that even though marriage & faithfulness is getting bad rapport all around. We are a testimony that marriage is beautiful & its possible to remain faithful to one woman but only with GOD!!! I have no idea how you can make it without God’s grace & help. We are all weak but God’s strength makes it possible for He is the author & perfecter of marriages!!!”