“Dj Creme, this what you need to do” Contreversial Nandi MP offers his advice to the embattled deejay

“DJ Crème, This what you Need to do”, Controversial Nandi Hills MP Offers his Advice to the Embattled DJ

Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter has always made headlines for his fiery criticism of the government. Critics have dismissed him as someone’s stooge but you need no rocket science to understand that he is a no nonsense Kenyan.

From his infamous encounter with the  Gilgil police in which he exchanged harsh words to spearheading the impeachment of embattled CS Anne Waiguru, Keter is no doubt a force to reckon with. If his current consolation to DJ Crème is anything to go by, he needs not to worry.

The vocal MP has advised Crème on how to deal with scandals. Remember Keter himself who boasts being active on social media has weathered the storm after several scandals were laid against him.

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