” DJ Creme full S£X tape is actually 18 minutes long, not 5 mins” Indulge Kenya reveals

“DJ Crème Full Sex Tape is Actually 18 Minutes Long, and we have More Graphic Videos “Indulge Kenya Reveals

Barely before the dust settles after the uproar caused by DJ Crème’s sex tape, new revelations have emerged.

 Indulge Kenya who branded the sex tape starring DJ Crème and Halima Nassir have told The Star they bought the tape from “a source we cannot disclose”.

According to Indulge Kenya 254, the video is just a “five minute sample from an eighteen minute sex tape.” The group however claims that they did not leak the widely circulating video.

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“We paid to acquire the video from a source we cannot disclose. Epic Nation’s legal team contacted us, however by this time; the video had circulated beyond our administration, “They revealed.

“Although the watermark on the video lays credit to us, please note that we are not responsible for leaking the video. As you may have noted now, the original indulge Kenya Facebook page and Twitter handle are empty. Not a single post or tweet respectively. Any page or handle claiming responsibility is fake,” added Indulge Kenya.

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Article credits: The Star