As someone who’s been in this domain for quite some time, I’d say it’s there’s  a slight edge for the darker chicks,


MOST of the White men marrying Black women do tend to marry dark skinned women. This is something that Black women notice and have been talking about for over years.

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“One thing for sure….Black women (of all complexions) seem to have a better shot with the Best Quality White Men….whereas only the Light skinned girls have a shot with Black men. White men who like Black women are less colorstruck,”


says a black  kenyan woman married to a white man.


See what white man have to say on this issue:


Do white men like dark skinned black women?

Freddo says…

Yep….white men can get pale skin any time they want…but an attractive dark person is more exotic to them…and this came out one of my co workers mouth who has been married to a dark skinned woman for over 12 yrs.

Douglas Says….

Caucasian men love darker women and sadly they accept them and this is the truth for those who get mad than our own black bros do.



Thats the damn truth black men love to make it seem like white boys and other non black men are obsessed over light skinned b**** as much as they do but its DEF not true ive asked many white boys which would they rather have and 90% of them said CHOCOLATE


Franklin Says…

I as a white (Italian) man, have always been attracted to women of color, especially black woman. As a younger man, I never followed my desires for fear of reject from black women. I don’t ever care about what other people, white or black, think of us when we are together. I actually am honored, and proud to be seen with a beautiful, confident ebony queen holding my hand. Even while dating white women I’ve been attracted to dark hair/eyes women over the typical blonde/blue eyes women. I’ve dated, and been married to a black woman, and find the darker eyes to me, are very warm, sweet, and very seductive. There is a deeper quailty about dark eyes, combined with a beautiful coco skin, that IMHO, radiates beauty, confidence, and a style that is someone I want to be apart of her life. A woman like that needs to be shown, as a man, how special, and awesome she is by treating her as the Princess in my life that she is. I am currently in love, with a beautiful inteeligent, loving, caring Black Woman who loves me and I am the happiest man alive because of her love.


John Says….

I love black women they don’t get near the credit for their beauty as they should. I knew that I was attracted to a black woman when I was just a kid, for some reason they liked me to. But growing up I was taught this was not acceptable. One day I realized that all the ppl that were against
interracial relationships don’t pay any of my bills and when my time here is up can I honestly say I lived life the way I wanted to? The answer was no I couldnt. So I said to hell with what everyone else thought, I have been with a black woman ever since… Im also now married to a black woman, yes we get starred at all the time but hey we don’t care it’s our lives those ppl don’t lay down with either one of us. So my advise to all you white men that are afraid of what others will think. (To hell with those ppl) Do you ,be happy with yourselves dont hide who you are because of what others might think or say…ay



Kremper says….

Yes they do, I am a white guy and to be very honest could not go back to a white woman. Black women smell and look good and that skin next to my pale skin is very beautifull. black women are the most beautifull of all women!!!!!




Matt Says….

Having married an African woman here in Canada, has never been badly seen by any one. We live happily without any bad regards from society. Racists here a publicly insulted here in montreal. Even more, I think such a contrast (deep white and deep black) is so nice, we get appobative looks in public, as if we had done something cool, innovative. I must say Im Proud! My African wife is, by the way, so loving, caring, intelligent, and a good mother, I could hardly ask for more.

In conclusion, having tried many ethnic girls from around the world, personnality has nothing to do with “race” but can be cultural. But the most important thing : Black (especially the blackest) girls have the nicest curves, and overall bodies, hard and soft and round that I have never seen elsewhere. I must admit I like caucasian blue and green eyes, and blond and red hair, but apart from that… africans women are the best.


Murphy Says:

I had an affair with a black girl and it changed my life…why…because for one they are more passionate, and there’s something about that pink tongue, the color of their bodies is amazing and well there are other parts I won’t get into but just to say I love them…had a black girlfriend for a year then we got separated and I haven’t seen her since….sucks, because I haven’t found another black girl to be with yet

Clint Says….

I love black women. I moved to a predominantly black high school and had a fantastic time there. The girls noticed that I wasn’t the least bit racist and many wanted to experience a white man as well. My teenage years were very win-win, let’s just put it that way! Now I live in Japan and I find that a lot of the local girls are intimidated by the fact that I’ve been with lots of black women. It scares some of them off, while others admit to me that they feel that they won’t measure up to the stereotype that black women are more wild and passionate in bed. Basically, I think that everyone is able to and should like everyone. We’re MUCH more alike than we are different and need to get over ourselves

Yes! Some of us do, and I’m one who has a strong preference for the black woman since I discovered the wonders of being involved with one about ten years ago. I’ve always been attracted, but never gave in to the attraction until a decade ago, I suppose because of societal pressures and expectations. But since then, I’ve had a couple of very satisfying and longlasting relationships with black women, as well as a few casual encounters. Although I’m not currently in a relationship now, I’m looking to be … and she will be black. I’m now ‘hooked’ on the good stuff!


I’m a white man that is dating a black woman for the first time. She is so attentive and attractive and PASSIONATE. Although our backgrounds are very different, we have a close bond. I admit I’m still getting comfortable going out to certain places with her (because of strange looks -real or imagined). But I’m hooked on her. She treats me like a man and I cherish her like the beautiful woman she is. And the sex is more amazing than any I’ve had in my 42 years on earth.



Gatlin says…..

.I’ve never been in a proper relationship with a black woman yet – I don’t know enough of them anyway – but yes, I’m a white man and I often find black women very attractive. I’d love to be in an interracial relationship like that one day.


To answer yes I am attracted initially to a pretty black women physically but What keeps me is their complimentary loving mind, soul and spirit This is the common denominator for the ever-lasting stuff and my New York baby has it down so right for me. I’ve had a few previous GF’s from other nationalities but she’s the one that nailed it…and made the LDR part so easy…communication and lots of it! (it’s funny how you don’t notice things like skin when you are finally really in love..but damn she’s gorgeous).




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