BLESSINGS: “Mama Serikali” appointed floods preparedness ambassador in Kisumu

Jane Anyango Adika has now been appointed as the Kisumu County Government floods preparedness ambassador.

Ms Adika became a celebrity in April 2012 after her interview with the media where she was crying out to the government for help after floods wreaked havoc on her village leading to  destruction of her property and could neither trace her children nor her husband.

She was later nicknamed as Mama Serikali by kenyans as they were amused by the  way she cried out for help to the government.

Her plight may have been a blessing in disguise as she scooped a contract with Safaricom where she featured in a commercial advert that recently came to an end.

Ms Adika is expected to spearhead  a media campaign on flood preparedness and mitigation but she will first undergo some trainings before the campaign kicks off.

According to Kisumu County Government Jack Runguma;

“We have taken this initiative to ensure that the people get the information on floods from a simple perspective and a familiar face”

 “Given that Adika has been a perennial victim of floods, she has expressed desire to help in the advocacy to ensure we do not experience worst impacts of the rains.”

The county government has set aside Sh70 million for floods mitigation.

Check out her famous video below: