10 PHOTOs: Is this Hon. Waititu’s “gachungwa”?… Meet Julie Marjorie

10 Photos: Is This Waititu’s “Gachungwa”?… Meet Julie Marjorie

julie and babayao

Famed for his robust style of politics, Hon. Ferdinand Waititu aka Baba Yao’s family life is a guarded secret.  He is controversial in all sorts, defiant and bullish endearing himself to supporters and earning haters in equal measures. But who would have thought that rogue Baba Yao would ever have a side chick or a “clande” for that matter? Of late, there’s this young girl on Instagram who had been making headlines on social media. She’s chocolate brown, with short hair, a cunning smile, twinkling eyes, dyed hair and somewhat exotic looks. Who even thought Waititu even fancied weirdoes? Well, we were all wrong.

julie green


@JulieMarjorie as she prefers to call herself on Instagram,is the Kenyan girl that apparently is Waititu’s other woman. Perhaps we may be making wrong allegations but the girl has expressed it all in black and white.  There are public photos of her smiling next to Waititu. Moreover in the photos, she’s used some of the sweetest and most endearing captions even calling the Honorable Member her ‘Sweetheart’. Also, in another photo, she declares with no fear or shame whatsoever, that she loves the legislator. There is also another picture with her arms around the politician.

julie money

And in other photos too, she’s photographed lying on her bed, clad in an expensive bra, surrounded by nothing but thousands of cash.


Who is this Girl? Who is funding her opulent lifestyle? Where is she getting all these monies? Is Waititu truly her ‘Sponsor’ as its been highly insinuate

julie red


julie black